Hertiage Site ReviewTerry Davis

Starting in 2019 and expecting to take up to 5 years… the OGHT will be project managing and volunteer coordinating a ‘Heritage Sites Review’ for Central Otago and the Southern Lakes areas.

We will be updating current site information as well as adding new sites, dwellings, artifacts to ArchSite and where appropriate, to Heritage New Zealand, Queenstown Lakes District Council and Central Otago District Council databases.

A comprehensive Heritage Sites Review will be greatly beneficial to the wider community in various ways:

  • Private land owners will have the opportunity to get a basic heritage assessment done for FREE (And in the vast majority of cases will NOT negatively impact on the value/use of the land)!
  • Councils will have a greater understanding of their heritage resources and potential implications.
  • Funding bodies will have current, useful data to assess suitability of funding applications.
  • Community groups will be able to be actively involved in the researching of and data collection for their local sites.
  • Priorities for restoration projects will be able to be assessed against all other potential projects.
  • New historic gems will likely be ‘unearthed’ and available for education/appreciation…
  • New business and tourism opportunities may also develop.

If you or a group you belong to has an interest in heritage preservation, cataloging or restoration… please get in touch and we will let you know how you can be involved.  email terry@cavalcade.co.nz ph the office 03 4450111.