Postie Bike Rally 2022 to Twizel!Terry Davis

Welcome to the Goldfields Heritage Trust – 2022 Postie Bike Rally – 270km start/finish in Twizel!

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At registration and sign on, you’ll meet your fellow riders as you enjoy the supplied breakfast in Twizel from 8am. From here youll be taking mostly scenic back roads, but some highway work, until you arrive at the lunch stop, where we will be supplying a decent Postie Lunch of filled roll, cake, fruit & drink.  Toilets here too.

Be sure to have sufficient fuel for 120km. There are gas stations enroute, 80Km, 200km, and 240km, Carry a few tools too in case you need adjust or tighten something. A well lubricated chain will help.  Weather is usually pretty good, though you had better come prepared for rain and cold. If your bike breaks down, you may be waiting an hour or so for the Broom Wagon and trailer to arrive.

At breakfast youll be given a Route Map. Most of the ride is on county gravel roads in various conditions. In the afternoon section, you’ll be passing through a real backcountry farm road in reasonable condition, with small streams to cross. Its not deep, youll cross it easily. There are sealed roads too of course, so be aware of faster traffic.

The morning ride is very picturesque, take it easy and stop for pics along the way. Fuel stop (and cafes) in the town youll pass through. Be aware of oncoming traffic, headlight on high beam will assist.

After lunch you’ll be heading to the remoter parts of the Postie Rally. A few gates, maybe some cattle to shoo out the way, stream crossing on this part of the trip. But take it easy, the track crosses hugh scree slopes, so pay attention. Some rocks on the road too, be careful. Finally youll be back in civilisation, then the highway back to Twizel. This section can be very windy, head and side wind.

This year’s ride is much more relaxed than the 2021 event, so take your time and enjoy the day out.

Back in Twizel at the start/finish where we will be supplying dinner from 4pm with Prize Giving at 5pm.

No need to bring a support vehicle on the Rally, a 4WD with trailer will be following the Postie’s, collecting breakdowns, if any. Tool support and mechanic on board!

Now the essential bits.

Breakfast commences 8am.
Lunch is lakeside between 12 and 1:30pm, we’ll tell you where, there’s plenty of parking and toilets available.
Finish is the same as the Start point, with plenty of parking nearby. Lots of accommodation options in Twizel, book early.

You will need
 a motorcycle that has a current WoF & Rego and in sound order, we will be checking this..

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We had a great time last year in spite of the rather average weather! See video below.

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