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Take a trip back through a golden era of New Zealand’s history in the South Island’s scenic Otago region. The romance and adventure of the gold rush days is easy to recapture in this rugged landscape which still bears the signs of the goldminers’ struggles to win their fortunes by striking it RICH. Many New Zealand families can trace their first connection with New Zealand from these early endeavours.

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13 thoughts on “Welcome to the Otago Goldfields Heritage Trust Website.”

  1. 7 September, 2009

    The Goldfields Heritage Trust

    Dear Secretary,

    At present I am completing a manuscript for the New Zealand National Library on the life story of the Otago and Southland Mining Warden and Magistrate John Nugent Wood [1827-1906], his wife author Susan Wood [1836-1880] and her brother author Henry Lapham [1849-1887].

    Incorporated in the manuscript is a biography of Tasmanian-born Gabriel Read. I understand that in 1988 a memorial was erected to commemorate Gabriel Read at Lawrence and I would like to include a photo of this please in the manuscript.

    Are you aware of this memorial and is it possible for me to obtain a picture electronically of this memorial please?

    If you do not have any such picture, could you perhaps direct me please to a person at who may be able to assist.

    I look forward to your assistance.

    Thank you.

    Peter C. Sims
    PO Box 692
    Australia 7310

  2. James Kelman, I am a great grand nephew and it never ceases to amaze me how the landscape around Alexandra was altered and transformed by at the time these monsters of the river.

  3. Can you please give me a contact person for the fort
    hcoming celebrations for Cambrians…I have the email address of Bob LdeBerry but this is not an active address

  4. On Cavalcade this year we were treated to a most interesting and informative visit to the Miners memorial and Gabriels Gully, given a History talk By Ernie McCraw who has written several books on the Historic Mining areas in Otago

  5. Hi my name is Carissa I am doing a research report on Chinese immigrants in the gold mining industries of Otago during the 1860s and was wondering if you had any information that could help me with my study which is due in on the 7th of May 2013.

  6. Hi, My name is John Allison. My great grandfather, John Dunlop Allison, a Scottish mariner, was at the Dunstan River mining gold in about 1863 – he was tried by a kangaroo court there because his partner, an Italian man named Antonie, had killed another miner who had pegged of their claim – during the altercation over this trial 13 people were killed, but grand-dad escaped. The memoires of this man were discovered in an old trunk 100 years after he wrote them, and include some astonishing adventures and narrow escapes all over the world, including two mutinies, two shipwrecks, a war over the control of the Suez Canal, several roundings of Cape Horn in square-rigged sailing ships and a battle with the Maoris at Jack’s Paw in the South island – I haven’t been able to find any reference to Jack’s Paw, other than an old newspaper cutting which stated that my great-grandfather was one of only two survivors out of the fifty soldiers involved, having been discovered unconscious under a pile of bodies.

    1. What a find! Was your great grandfather tried in NZ or Australia? An altercation involving 13 deaths would have been very significant on the Dundstan and no stories come to mind… would you like us to dig around for more info for you?

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