Chatto Creek Dredge in a new (final) resting place

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And the signage is up! Thanks to Rex Johnson for researching the text for the signage and helping to erect along with Mike Floate, Ken Laraman and Terry Davis.

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Thanks very much to Central Excavation for their diggers and expertese in shifting the pontoon.

The last parts of the old Chatto Creek Dredge were ‘delivered’ to the Chatto Creek Hotel thanks to the great efforts of Central Excavation and Johnny Simonds along with his sons and members of the Otago Goldfields Heritage Trust.

See here for the full ODT story’s.

Thanks very much to Rex Johnson for the image above  and complete video of ‘the moving’ below.
Many thanks also to the efforts of the Central Otago Dredge Trust for getting it out of the river! (2005)

21A_ Exposed hulk Chatto Ck dredge lr_18A_0361 Manuherikia River Late Feb 200535a_ Shatto Creek dredge been lifted out - ODT 19-04-200527a_ Exposed boiler Chatto Ck dredge lr_22A_0357 Manuherikia River Late Feb 200524a_ Exposed hulk Chatto Ck dredge lr_24A_0355 Manuherikia River Late Feb 2005


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