The Victorian Picnic at Stewart Town

Victorian Picnic:
Saturday 6th October at Stewart Town Bannockburn 10am – 2pm

Invite the public to help us to celebrate the work the DoC and OGHT have done at the Stewart Town/Menzies Dam Site

The public will park at the end of Hall Road, We will use a mini van to ferry people to the bottom of Pipe Clay Gully Road and when necessary up to the Stewart Town site.
At the gate we will ask people for a gold coin donation entry into Stewart town this is to help us pay for port a loos, water, rubbish removal, van use etc
At the event we will have a Sausage sizzle and candy floss and picnic hampers for the public to purchase.
We will have a photo booth where people can dress up and take photos in period costume, gold coin donation will be asked for.
There will be a bested dressed Competition Mens Ladies and Kids category.
Best Picnic Basket? Baking competitons?

People will be asked for $1 per person Entry Fee to each race
Tug of war
Potato Race
Sack Race
Three leg race
Wheelbarrow race



  1. Kay
    August 15, 2018 at 4:34 pm

    So, what do we need to do to help? period costume is easy but do you need any other help that we can do from a distance as we don’t live nearby

    • Terry Davis
      Terry Davis
      August 27, 2018 at 3:49 pm

      Cheers Kay – we still need a couple of parking marshals (just pointing people where to park and then what direction to walk once they leave the carpark…

      And at this stage still need another person on our food stall, taking cash and handing out picnic baskets or sausages…

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